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  1. Posted by david hicks on 2010/05/03 at 15:11

    Liz– it is a tough transition- hard getting used to students and then now returning to finish up grad school is a big leap.. it really does take a gear shift.. and you spent a great deal of time and energy really teaching children and so yep the shift back is not always easy..
    (plus the bang to your head did not help) 🙂


    • Posted by mckeanlyon on 2010/05/03 at 15:57

      No, no it did not! I know who the source is and I got onto him for telling (all in good humor).

      I feel like I can’t leave them! I went back today to nag the three kids who hadn’t turned in their notebooks for the unit and grade them so I could rest easy that I had completely taught ALL of them the entire unit. I also promised a lesson explaining the differences between socialism, capitalism, and communism…kids were constantly asking questions about that (especially when we discussed current events). I told them that would come after graduation when my projects were done.


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