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Fristler Newsletter 2/19/10

Dear Fristler Families,

Needless to say, this has been a crazy week. As is to be expected, your children have had a good sense of humor concerning the uncertainty of what is to come. The schedule is still be work on and will be released as soon as everything is finalized.

In language arts we had a good week with our short stories. We spent time discussion how to critique writing, then we practiced on each other’s stories. Everyone should have their conferenced writing with them to work on this weekend. The third draft with revisions from the conference is due on Monday. The final draft will be due on Friday. We will also begin looking at novels for our Manifest Destiny novel unit.

In social studies we are entering my very favorite era in our curriculum. We will spend the next month to month an a half on Manifest Destiny. The topics we will study are usually very interesting for the students (cowboys, gold miners, Oregon trail, buffalo elimination, women’s rights

In science we took a break from the novel unit this week. We needed to focus on mixtures and solutions. This will continue next week as we do more lab activities. I’ve been very proud of them and their careful attention to the details. The last part of the written work for the novel unit will come home Tuesday and be due Thursday. The culminating activity is a book share that they will mostly work on at school.

The first attempt for the adding and subtracting fractions quiz went great. I am so impressed. The first retake will be Wednesday. In the meantime, we are getting into the very descriptive subject of 2D geometry. In sixth grade we work on memorizing and classifying shapes. It’s mostly easy stuff, and we’ll move quickly. Once again, because of the many missed days, I can’t squeeze in a cumulative test this grading period. We’ll have one later in mid-March.

I (Mark) talked to the kids about the Imagination summer science/engineering camp hosted by the engineering department at Tech. Of all the summer opportunities, I feel this one is the best. I gave the paperwork to those who wanted it, and I have extras if needed. It’s also all available online through the Tech engineering department. One extra thing to note is that this camp requires a math or science teacher recommendation. I will gladly provide it. Have your son or daughter read the directions at the top of the recommendation form before bringing it to me. As a final tip, APPLY EARLY! Don’t wait for the deadline.

Midterms will come home next week. 🙂