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Election Results

Last night the Virginia state election results were announced; the Republicans made a sweeping victory. There’s a whole lot to be said about this. Political analysts are going to tear this election apart with a fine tooth comb in order to get meaning out of it. Even more significantly, in New Jersey, the Republican candidate for governor won. A Republican winning in New Jersey is a pretty big deal; they never win in New Jersey. Generally speaking, Virginia tends to be more conservative. The fact that Obama won the state as a Democrat in the presidential election is uncommon.


From the Republican standpoint, these wins are a sign to the Democrats and Obama Administration that they have overreached their boundaries, stretching too far and doing too much. Democrats are going to most likely to explain the results as being misrepresentative of the general population, using exit poll statistics. For example, last year during the Presidential Election, 20% of Virginia’s voting population was under the age of 30. According to exit polls conducted in yesterday’s election, only 10% of voters were under the age of 30. In addition, the White House released a statement about Deed’s campaign claiming it was poor.

No matter what the explanation may be, this is two significant wins for Republicans in states which Obama won just last year. Next November, elections are being held for the House and Senate. Right now the Democrats control both. However, if this trend continues, that could easily be changed, with Republicans making huge gains in the House and Senate.

Decisions and choices which could completely change the face of the United States are being made; decisions which by no means can be taken lightly. As teachers, particularly high school teachers, we have a civic duty to make the students aware. There is no room for apathetic citizens during this time of change.